The Life And Martyrdom Of St Sebastian Christian Saint And Martyr Of The Catholic Church

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Sebastian is called for sequences and beatitudo, and astim and ana, that is, after the blessing of the heavenly city, and this comes in five ways, he awakens, after S. Austin, that is, that the kingdom moves from poverty, with sorrow, joy, with rest at work, with problems of glory, and with life of death. Or Sebastian is called a basto, because with the help of Christ he flourished in the church and had a custom of consoling the martyrs in their torture.


By S. Sebastian


  1. Sebastian was a man of great faith, a good Christian man, and was born in Narbonne, and after teaching and endorsing in the city of Milan, and was so dear to Diocletian and Maximian, emperor of Rome, that they made him ruler and duke of the tiny and of their power, and he would always have him in their presence. And he was always with them in the habit of a knight, and he was bound with a belt of gold on, as it had been used. And he did not do all this for pleasure, nor for reasons of fear of death, or of dying for the love of Jesus Christ, but he did it to comfort Christian men in their faith when they were in danger of renewing their faith for fear of torture. of their body.


He rejoiced that two German brothers, very Christian and noble of genealogy named Marcus and Marcellianus, had been arrested and restrained by the emperor for worshiping and sacrificing to idols, and were given thirty days in prison without receiving death for their faith. , in which they could consult and advise themselves whether to sacrifice the idols or leave, and their friends suffered during this period of rest to be brought to prison, to be dragged away and recalled from their faith to save their lives. Then their parents and friends came and began to say: Where does this hardness of heart come from that you despise the old age of your father and mother who are now aging? You give them new sorrows, the great pain they had in your birth was not as great as the sorrow they have now, and the sorrow that your mother suffers is not to rehearse, that is why we, dear friends, pray that you will the sorrows put some cure, and leave and leave the mistake of the Christians. And then, after these words, their mother came and went in, weeping and tearing the hair of her head and showing her maps, and they all cried: Unfortunately! I am happy and unhappy that I lose my two sons that I have given suck and feed so sweetly. you are a fair son, you gave me a sweet and a debut.


And to the other he said: You looked and look better like your father. Alas! in what turmoil and sorrow I deliver for you my righteous sons. I lose my sons who will die on their own. My dearest children, have mercy on your sad mother, who is in such great illness and in such great weeping for you. O poor architect that I am, what will I do to lose my two sons? and until their death I see them go of their own free will. Alas! This is a new way of dying, to want death to come. However, the mother had said her complaint, but that their father brought two servants, who at the entrance showed his sons dust from the poverty of his head and shouted: Unfortunately, the sad caitiff is coming to the death of my two sons, who by their own agreement will die. Oh my dearest sons who were the diet and the staff of my old age, fed sweetly and taught and learned in science, what is this open nonsense and rage that comes to you and makes you love and desire death? There has never been such a foolish rage in the world. Oh, my friends come out and help me wipe my children, you who have hearts of pity, and you old and young, weep, and I will weep so much that I do not see the death of my sons.


While the father was weeping and saying, the two spouses of these two sons came, who were carrying their children, who were weeping and weeping, he said: Say now that you are our dear husbands, in which ward do you leave us and your children! Unfortunately, what will happen to us, our children and our goods, that for your sake will be lost? Unfortunately, we are the caitiffs, what happened to us? How do you have iron hearts? how can you be hardened, both by nature and so cruel, that you also despise your father and mother and deny all your friends, drive away your wives, and get angry and abandon your children, and with your own will you surrender to die shamefully? From these sad words written earlier, the two mentioned sons Marcos and Markellianos were so outraged and their hearts softened that they almost returned from the Christian faith and would make sacrifices for their parents and friends in idols. But with these words S. Sebastian was a knight. when he saw them thus degraded, and so the enchanted anon came to them and said: O true noble knights of Jesus Christ, wise and hard-hearted, who come to victory and are now astonished, and for some expressive words vain and miserable, you will lose victory is permanent, you will not lose eternal life for the money of women, be an example for other Christian men to be strong in the faith, address your hearts above the world and do not lose your crown for crying of your spouses and children.


Those who are crying now, certificates today should be happy and glad if they knew you knew. They see that there is no other life, but what they see in their eyes, which will then be lost: if they knew what that other life is without death and without gravity, in which joy is permanent and eternal, no doubt they will they rushed to go with you into this life and should consider this life in vain. Because he is full of misery and also false, and with the beginning of the world he deceived all his friends and conquered all those who trust in him, because he lies in his promise, but every day in this life he hurts more, because he makes buttocks, and more he plunders, he makes thieves to kill, and the angry ones are cruel, and the liars are false and deceitful. put up a confrontation between married and married people, and the discussion between the peaceful, from the world comes from evil and crime. They do this evil that in this life they put their desires and want to live in there, and when those who serve the world in this way have used their lives to do this evil mentioned above, then he gives it to this daughter of hers. , that is, eternal death. this is the reward that the life of this world gives to its servants who turn away from this world and bring nothing with them except their sins.


After that, S. Sebastian turned him to his parents and friends and said to them thus: Oh, my friends, here, the life of this world deceives you in such a wise way that you withdraw your friends from eternal life, you double your children that they should not come to the company of heaven, and to the honor that is permanent and to the friendship of the heavenly emperor, with your foolish words and your false cries. if they have to consent to your abolition, they will have to stay with you for a while and then they will have to leave your company where you will have to see them in tortures that will never end, while the hard flame devours the souls of the criminals and of idol-worshipers, and dragons eat the lips of cursed people and snakes destroy them which are evil. Where nothing but lamentations, cries and horrible cries of souls are heard that are constantly burning in the fire of hell, and will always be burned without dying. Suffer your sons to escape these tortures, and think of how you can escape and let them die for the love of Jesus Christ. Do not think, but they, when they are so far away from you, go to prepare your place and your mansion in paradise, where you and your children can always be happy. At this time when S. Sebastian, who had the habit of a knight dressed in a cloak and skirt with a gold belt, and had said these words, anon came a great light, in which a young man appeared dressed in a white cloak between seven angels, and gave S. Sebastian the peace saying: You will always be with me.


This saw Nikostratos’ wife named Zoe in whose house Marcos and Markellianos were in prison, who had been silent and dumb for six years from an illness she had. but she had understood what S. Sebastian had said and had seen the light for him, and she fell at his feet, and with the marks of her hands she prayed to him. And then, when S. Sebastian knew that he had lost his speech, then he said to her: If I am the servant of Jesus Christ and if everything I said is true, then I beg him to give you your speech again when he opened the mouth of the Prophet Zacharias. And the fool went away from her, and said, The word which thou hast spoken is true, and blessed are the words of your mouth, and blessed are all you that believe on Jesus Christ, the Son of God: for I have seen seven times. angels to keep you a book, in which was written all that you said, and curse to be those who do not believe you. And the wife of Nikostratos of this woman, and the father and the mother, and all the friends of Markelianos and Markos accepted the Christian faith and all were baptized by the priest of Polykarpos in the number of seventy-eight people, men, women and children. And ten days during their stay in orison and prayers, and they thanked God for his benefits. Among them was Tranquillinus, the father of the holy martyrs mentioned above, who was eleven years old during gout in his legs and arms, and as soon as he was baptized Polycarp became full-bodied and healthy in his legs and arms as a child.


After ten days, Agrestin and Chromatius, cantors of Rome, made Tranquillinus their father follow them and asked him how his sons consulted and consulted, and he replied: You did very well when you gave them a break, because In the among those who should have died found life and joy. And the cantilever is supposed to have returned his sons, and he said: In the morning I will see how your sons will be sacrificed to the idols, from whom you and may dwell peacefully. And Tranquillinus said: Gentle man, if you worship righteously and work for me and my sons, you will find that the name of Christian men has great virtue. And the cantilever said: Tranquillinus, are you wood? And he answered: I have overcome my mind, but as soon as I believed in Jesus Christ, I received health of body and soul.


The cantilever said: I see well that the rest of your sons brought you wrong. Tranquillinus said: Do you know which works are wrong? The cantilever begged him to say, and said: The first mistake is to leave the way of life and leave death to challenge people who are dead to be gods, and to worship their images, made of wood or stone . The cantilever said: Then are they not gods that we worship? Tranquillinus said: It is read in our books which men were the ones who worshiped the gods, how badly they lived and how much they died. The Saturn you worship for God was the ruler of Crete and ate the flesh of his children, how? is not one of your gods? And Zeus his son, whom you worship, who killed his father, and took his sister to his wife, what evil was that? how are you in a big mistake that you worship this cursed man, and say in the image of the stone: You are my god, and in the stock of the tree: Help me. The cantilever said: If there is none but one invisible God whom you worship, then why do you worship Jesus Christ, whom the Jews crucified? Tranquillinus replied: If you knew a gold ring with a gemstone thrown on a horse in a valley, you would send your servants to get this ring and if they could not lift it, you would hide yourself from your silk clothes. and make a thick coat and you would help lift this ring and make a wonderful celebration. The cantilever said: Why have you submitted this proposal now? Tranquillinus replied: To show you that we worship only one God.


The cantilever said: What do you understand by this ring? Tranquillinus said: The gold of the ring is the body of man and the precious stone signifies the soul that is trapped in the body, the body and the soul make a man, just as gold and the precious stone make a ring, and many more precious is the man for Jesus Christ from the ring for you. You send your servants to get this ring out of the dirt or the mill, and they may not do it. So God sent prophets into this world to remove the human lineage from the ranks of sins, and they may not. And as you should leave your rich clothes and clothe you with a thick coat, and he would go down into secret, and put your hands in a foul to take the ring, so the majesty of God hid the light of his divinity from a carnal innumerable, which he took from the man of our nature, and wore with him, and descended from heaven, and came here under the secret of this world, and laid his hands on the trial of our afflictions suffering from hunger and thirst, and took us out of the filthiness and washed us from our sins by the water of baptism. And so the one who despises you because you have to get into a bad habit to get the ring, maybe you killed him. Thus, all who ignore or despise Jesus Christ because humbled to save man, can in no way escape the death of hell. The cantilever said: I see well that these are but myths. did you take a break for your sons, do you not know well that our emperor is cruel against Christians?


Tranquillinus said: It is foolish to question more human puissance than divine puissance, those who are cruel to us may torture our bodies, but they may not take Jesus Christ from our hearts. Then the cantilever put Tranquillinus in the hands of the sergeants saying: Show me the medicine with which you are cured of your gout, and I will give you gold without number. Tranquillinus said: You know that very bad will come to those who sell and buy God’s grace, but if you want to be whole from gout, believe in Jesus Christ and you will be whole like me. The cantilever said: Bring him to me who has healed you. Tranquillinus went to Polycarp and told him all this, and he brought him with S. Sebastian to the provost and informed him in faith, and he prayed to them for his health, and S. Sebastian said that I must first idolize and to be allowed to break them, and then he should be in good health. Then Chromatios the cantilever said that his servants must break them. S. Sebastian said: To be afraid and do not dare to break them, and if the fighters hurt any of them in any case, the bad guys would say that they were injured because they broke their gods. And then Polycarp and S. Sebastian destroyed more than two hundred idols.


Then they said to the cantilever: Why have you not received health while we are flying the images? You still hold your infidelity or else you still hold some idols. Then he showed them a chamber that was as light as the stars, so that his father had two hundred pods of gold, from which he knew things to come. Then S. Sebastian said: As long as you keep all this you may never have health, and then he agreed that it must be broken. Tiburtius, his son, who was a noble young man, made it clear that such a noble work should not be ruined: How well I will not be against my father’s health, I will do well, that two fire furnaces will be ordained, and then I want you to destroy this work, and if my father is healthy, I will be satisfied, and if he does not get his health, then I want you two to burn in these two fires of fire quickly. And S. Sebastian said: Be as you said: And immediately they went and braked the chamber.